If you are proud of our deaf culture, don’t miss One on One with Jackie Roth where you will meet incredibly successful deaf icons from all sorts of professions.

cooking with kurt

Who doesn’t love to eat? Take road trips with Chef Kurt as he travels the world in search of delicious recipes.

is that thing on?

Is That Thing On? Is a throwback comedy series that takes place in the belly of where stand-up comedy was created, the basement bar. Get a front row seat and enjoy deaf comedian’s unedited comedy sets. 


penny & pop pop

Penny & Pop-Pop’ chronicles the animated adventures of a young girl teaching her grandfather how to sign. It’s a show that’s geared not ONLY at kids…but at ANYONE who wants to learn ASL.


Like to travel yourself? Join World Traveler Joel Barish as he guides us through the most interesting, exciting and exotic destinations in the world.

the fred beam show

Join Fred Beam and his interesting guests on The Fred Beam Show as they swap opinions and stories about the deaf experience.

the date

Join some picture-perfect singles wooing their way through romantic encounters. 

Watch the sparks fly or fall on an all access blind date show.

deaf i

We all have that one friend who is in desperate need of a total makeover. 

Our fashion team is on the case. Watch each episode as they turn the flawed into the fabulous.

canine matchmaker

Did you know that the dog population in America is larger than the entire population of Germany? Join our experts as they place the right dog with the right person on Canine Matchmaker.



·        ASL “Narration” of Existing Narrated Documentaries - PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, History Channel, Smithsonian, Travel Channel, Weather Channel

·        Silent Movie Classics and Physical Comedies starring: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Benny Hill, Laurel and Hardy, Lucille Ball and The Marx Brothers.

·        Existing Full-Length Motion Pictures with sign language content or deaf theme. There are hundreds of these films that have never been properly promoted or widely distributed.



Deaflix Studios hopes to secure broadcast rights to the most popular deaf events worldwide:

●       Deaflympics

●       Deaf Soccer League

●       Miss Deaf World Pageant

●       Miss & Mister Deaf International

●       Deaf Theatrical Productions (NYC, San Francisco, London)

●       Deaf Bass Fishing, Poker, Billiards, Bowling, Martial Arts, Golf Tournaments